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Sealed Multiple Wire Connectors
Features and Benefits Installation

In-line butt connector components:
The outside diameter of the butt connector is the same on both ends and only the inside diameter is adjusted for the different wire gauge. This means that the side for the smaller wire has a much thicker wall than normal and is extremely difficult to crimp. Almost impossible to crimp properly & wire can easily pull out!!

The inside AND the outside diameter
of the connector is varied which means that both sides will make a sound mechanical crimp
The barrel has two stripes - one on each end - to indicate which wire size to insert. Plus, the stripe matches the crimp die that needs to be used. For example, the blue stripe indicates the side where a 14 or 16 AWG wire is to be inserted, and it will be crimped in the blue crimp die. Easy to crimp & provides strong crimp termination!
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