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Sealed Solder System for Battery Terminals

  Our Sealed Solder System for Battery Terminals product line is the innovative solution for soldering cable terminations.
Pre-measured solder pellets and adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing combine to provide maximum conductivity and a corrosion-proof seal. The result is a high quality termination without the need for expensive crimping tools
Frequent Problems in Battery Cable Connections:
• Improperly installed connectors
• Voltage drop
• Vibration damage
• Corrosion in cable
The Sealed Solder System for Battery Terminals Solution:
• Easily installed termination system
• Soldered connections for maximum conductivity
• Superior tensile strength from a soldered bond
• Adhesive-lined tubing prevents cable corrosion
Features and Benefits:  
• Color-coded solder pellets conform to industry standards & ensure correct product identification.
• Pre-measured solder pellets assure the right amount of solder will be used in each connection.
• Flux core and “No-Clean” liquid flux prevent dirt and contaminants from hindering the soldering process.
• Color-coded, pre-cut lengths of heat shrink tubing provide positive designation of polarity and make installation easy.
• Installation requires only standard shop tools which eliminates the need for an expensive crimping tool.
NO expensive tools needed
• Can be installed using only a standard propane shop torch and a utility knife
• No need to purchase an expensive crimping tool
NO special connectors
• Works with any brand of closed-end battery terminals or starter lugs
• Use with your current inventory - no need to purchase special “Solder-Only” connectors
• The least expensive method of obtaining a high quality soldered and sealed connection
Solder Pellets
• Pre-measured to assure the right amount of solder
• Color-coded to industry standards to ensure correct product identification
• Flux core prevents dirt and contaminants from hindering the soldering process
• “No-Clean”
Heavy Wall Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing
• Color-coded for positive identification of polarity
• Pre-cut to the proper length for ease of installation
• Adhesive-lined to provide a permanent seal against corrosion




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